This folder contains the main DV8 analysis results. These state-of-the-art analyses include: 

Please refer to the Knowledge Base section for detailed definitions. 

The results folder contains the following two files and subfolders: 

  • The analysis-summary.html file: 
    • This file summarizes all the analysis results and can be opened using any browser (download an example)
  • The file-measure-report.csv file: 
  • The anti-pattern subfolder: 
    • DV8 detects 6 types of design anti-patterns using both structural information and revision history, summarizes each instance of each pattern along with their maintenance costs, stores these in spreadsheets, and generates the dependency matrix of each anti-pattern instance for the user to examine using the DSM viewer. The detailed and summary information are contained in this folder

  • The dsm subfolder: This folder contains the generated design structure matrices
  • The hotspot subfolder: This folder contains detailed information about the hotspots detected by DV8
  • The maintenance-costs subfolder: This folder contains the following two files: 
    • The  all-file-change-cost.csv file that lists the CommitID, IssueID, and churn of each revision of each source file. 
    • The  target-issue-id-list.csv file that lists all the target issue ID, such as a ID list of bug issues or feature issues. 
  • The root subfolder: DV8 automatically calculates a set of correlation matrices covering files that are error-prone or change-prone.  The objective is to reveal design issues that lead to high maintenance costs. 

Studies have shown that 50% to 90% of a project’s most error-prone files will be concentrated in 5 or fewer file groups.

The more error-prone a file is, the more likely that it is connected with other files, resulting in the spread of defects in multiple files. We call these file groups that cover most error-prone files Root spaces.