The analysis results folder contains the following files and two subfolders: 

  • A .dv8-proj file: 
    • This file can be opened using the DV8 GUI. The user can explore dependencies among files, simulate changes, and explore detailed source code information. 
  • A depends-output subfolder: 
    • DV8 Explorer integrates Depends as a dependency extraction tool. This folder contains the following files: 
      • dependency.csv: this file contains the programming languages and LOC of each source file (download an example)
      • dependency.json: this file contains the dependency information among all the source files that can be opened using the DV8 GUI (download an example)
      • depends-dv8map.json: this file contains all the dependency types among source files that will be used internally by DV8 (download an example)
  • A dv8-analysis-result subfolder that will be introduced next.