This folder contains the following two subfolders: 

  • The anti-pattern-costs folder contains the following files: 
    • The anti-pattern-cost.csv:  This spreadsheet summarizes the maintenance cost for each type of anti-pattern.

In the above example, the 9th row summarizes the overall project data. In this example, the project has 1304 files in total. As recorded in its revision history, there are 173 commits related to bug fixes. These bug fixing revisions consumed 4541 lines of code. In total, there are 11159 commits in the given time range, consuming 568465 lines of code, including both bug-related changes and other changes. 

The first row summarizes the Crossing anti-pattern's maintenance costs: There are 289 files involved in this anti-pattern, representing 22.2% of all files. There are 95 bug-related commits on these 289 files, which represents 54.9% of all bug-related commits. There are 1931 lines of code changed to fix bugs within these files, which consume 42.5% of the total. Similarly, these 289 files are involved in 5,232 commits, 46.9% of the total. The commits on files involved in Crossing consumed 254,818 lines of code, or 44.8% of the project total. The data in this row shows that the Crossing anti-pattern has a significant impact in the system’s maintenance costs. 

Other csv files summarized the maintenance costs of other types of anti-patterns in a similar way

For example, the above spreadsheet summarizes each Crossing instance's costs, sorted by the "Issue Size", that is, the number of files involved in the instance. The first instance involves 59 files, but it has fewer bug commits than the second Crossing. The user can sort the spreadsheet using different measures and can open the DSM of each instance. 

  • The anti-pattern-instances folder: this folder contains the DSMs of each instance of each type, which can be opened using the DV8 GUI.