DV8 Download

The user can register and send a DV8 request though archdia.com: 

  • For the education version (valid for 3 years, limited to source 2000 files): https://archdia.com/pages/download-dv8-academy
    • an academic email is needed for this request 
  • For standard trial versions (valid for 14 days): https://archdia.com/pages/dv8-standard-free-trial
  • For the free DV8 viewer: https://archdia.com/pages/download-dv8-viewer

After that, the user will receive an email from ArchDia <notifications@fetchapp.com> that contains: 

(1) a license key 

(2) an Activation code that starts with "acti-". 

(3) a link where the installation package can be downloaded. The user can choose a package based on the OS used

Supported operating systems

DV8 supports the following OS systems and provide corresponding installation packages: 

(1) Linux/Unix: 


(2) MacOS 10.13 or above


(3) Windows 7 or above



Installation Process

Executing an installation package will start an standard installer. It is possible to receive a warning as follows: 

If so, click the "More info" link: 

Click the "Run anyway" button, and DV8 installer will start: 

The user just needs to follow the prompts to finish the installation process: 

If the installation is successful, the DV8 icons will show up in the Start menu. Clicking the DV8 icon will start the program.